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Destiny IQ Designer/ Dream Machine My Design Creator Hands-On Event

This class is open to those using the first version of the Destiny/Dream Machine as well as to those who have purchased or upgraded to the second version. In completing the embroidery for each project, you will learn:

Project 1- Trapunto Pillow Cover:

  • How to use built-in stamps/shapes.
  • How to use various fills or fill settings inside and outside of the shapes to create a variety of quilting patterns.
  • How to utilize unstitched spaces to create different looks within your embroideries.
  • Using the auto-stipple feature (version 2 only- version 1 will create the same look by utilizing built-in shapes).
Project 2- Embroidered Wall Hanging:
  • Scanning black and white artwork to create an embroidery design.
  • The importance of good, quality artwork.
  • Scanning color artwork-what works, what doesn't and why.
  • How using different stitch and fill settings can completely change the look of your embroideries.
  • Strategic use of sold fills.
  • Using the outline feature to create custom quilting (version 2 only-version 1 will learn how to utilize built-in shapes to create a similar look).
Project 3- Linen Sachet:
  • How to utilize the outline feature to create echo quilting outside a 3D Applied embroidery (version 2 only- version 1 will learn how to utilize built-in shapes to create a similar look).

Project 4- In-the-Hoop Needle Case: NOTE: Project pictured is a cover for a composition notebook.  The needle case is similar, but smaller.  You will receive full instructions for both projects.

  • How to scan a background to ensure that the design that you are creating "fits" the allotted space and looks good.
  • How to create an applique design and then to combine it with built-in fonts.
  • How to use built-in shapes and editing tools to create an In-the-Hoop embroidery design.
  • How to utilize machine stitches in embroidery (BONUS- has nothing to do with IQ Designer/My Design Creator).

Cost: $ 100.00
Skill Level:Intermediate
Requirements:Students need to have taken our Top of the Line Destiny or Dream Machine owners class.
Instructor:Alicia Welcher