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Destiny IQ Designer/ Dream Machine My Design Creator Lecture/Demo

This class is open to those using the first version of the Destiny/Dream Machine as well as those who have purchased or upgraded to the second version.  It is perfect for those of you who do not have the ability to bring your machine to a hands on class.

During this Lecture/Demo, you will be shown the following techniques and receive full written instructions for each of these projects:

Project 1- Trapunto Pillow Cover:
How to use built-in stamps/shapes.
How to use various fills or fill settings inside and outside of the shapes to create a variety of quilting patterns.
How to utilize unstitched spaces to create different looks within your embroideries.
Using the auto-stipple feature (version 2 only- version 1 will create the same look by utilizing built-in shapes).

Project 2- Embroidered Wall Hanging:
Scanning black and white artwork to create an embroidery design.
The importance of good, quality artwork.
Scanning color artwork- what works and what doesn't and why.
How using different stitch and fill settings can completely change the look of your embroideries.
Strategic use of solid fills.
Using the outline feature to create custom quilting (version 2 only- version 1 will learn how to utilize built-in shapes to create a similar look).

Project 3- Linen Sachet:
How to utilize the outline feature to create echo quilting outside a 3D Applied embroidery 
(version 2 only- version 1 will learn how to utilize built-in shapes to create a similar look).

Project 4- In-the-Hoop Needle Case:
Note: Project pictured is a cover for a composition notebook.  The needle case is similar, but smaller.  You will receive the full instructions for both projects.  
How to scan a background to ensure that the design that you are creating "fits" the allotted space and looks good.
How to create and applique design and then combine it with built-in fonts.
How to use built-in shapes and editing tools to create an In-The-Hoop embroidery design.
How to utilize machine stitches in embroidery (BONUS- has nothing to do with IQ Designer/My Design Creator).

Cost: $ 50.00
Skill Level:Intermediate
Requirements:Students need to have taken our Top of the Line Destiny or Dream Machine owners class.
Instructor:Alicia Welcher