Sewing Your First Bra

Do you have trouble finding a bra that fits?  Not sure how to sew them or where to find supplies to do so?  Bras that are made to personally fit you can cost anywhere from $250 to $500!  We have a solution for you!

Join Linda Sepeda, bra designer and certified custom bra fitter and learn how to make your own bra!  Linda will cover proper fit, fabric selection, DOGS, layout and cutting out your project.  She will discuss construction, techniques, and special considerations when sewing your first bra.  

Before the sewing class you will receive an individual, private bra fitting. Allow 30 to 45 minutes for the fitting.  

In the sewing class you will receive the customized pattern created from that fitting, all of the materials and step by step instructions to make your bra.  

Bra Sewing Class Requirements:
This class is for intermediate to advanced sewists.
A sewing machine that is in proper working, running condition and capable of doing the required stitches listed below.  
Strong working knowledge of your sewing machine.  Threading, bobbin winding, needle placement, etc.  
Sew a zigzag stitch of 2mm wide and 2mm long.
Sew a three-step zigzag stitch, if it is available on your machine.  If not, be able to sew a 4mm wide, 1.2mm long regular zigzag stitch.

Kit fee is $38-$45  Payable to Linda Sepeda.

Kit fee breakdown:
Commercial pattern from Pin Up Girls  $15

Fabric for bra, elastics, sliders, rings,
closure hooks and eyes, underwires.   $23-$30
(depending on the bra size, there MAY be enough fabric to make a second bra)

Customized pattern (normally $50)     N/C                     

Bra and fabric samples are in our classroom!

Fitting appointment:  Wednesday, August 8 from 10:00 to 4:00.  Call Dublin Sewing Center to schedule.
Sewing class: Wednesday, September 5 and  Friday, September 7 from 10:00 to 3:00.

Class size: Minimum 3 students, Maximum 6 students.

Email Linda at if you have any questions.  

Supply List

Skill Level:
Intermediate to Advanced Sewists
Kit fee is payable to Linda Sepeda. Please read class requirements described on class detail page.
Linda Sepeda

Sewing Your First Bra

$ 75.00